I’m Just Sayin’


For the past 15 years Linda has worked primarily as a voice actor.   She’ll proudly tell you that, since graduating as a Theatre major from Ryerson University, she has never worked in any other field.  AND, she actually owns a house!!  Linda has worked professionally on stage, screen and television, trained with Second City, toured with her sketch comedy troupe The Riot Act, and has been seen or heard in hundreds of radio and television commercials worldwide.  (Yup … she’ll sell anything!)

Linda’s extensive animation career includes a wide variety of characters in many popular series, including:   Toot and Puddle, Disney’s Yin Yang Yo, Gerald McBoing Boing 6Teen, The Cat In The Hat (Knows A Lot About That), Bob and Margaret, Care Bears, and Sailor Moon.  Yes, Linda is a REAL celebrity … if you’re a preschooler.  Linda was “the voice of” the Comedy Network for 13 years and has written for CBC’s Definitely Not The Opera.  She is currently developing the animated series Simply Wicked.

As the happily married mother of 3 perfect children, Linda is the cook, baker, social convener, referee, nurse, and chauffeur.  Add to that her hair-trigger temper and you’ve got June Cleaver meets Freddy Kreuger.  She’s attractive, funny, clever, and overall perfect in every way, shape and form … and she writes her own bios.



With a degree in both Theatre and Psychology, Nicola can act her way out of any crisis.  A native of Winnipeg, MB, Nicola arrived in Toronto in 1986, and embarked on her comedic journey—literally—by touring Canada with her sketch comedy troupe Shy  one Horse.  From here, her career continued to develop and branch out into different areas.  Her voice and/or face (depending on who wanted what) have appeared in numerous radio and television programs and commercials. She has spent years dubbing for Japanese “Anime” … developing her ability to scream in two languages. 

Nicola continues to enjoy an active career in voice and animation and regularly performs live shows across Canada.  She has recently found a new love in improvisation, and is consequently prone to fabricating her expertise in virtually any and all areas.  She is currently developing a new television comedy series called Clearly Blonde.

Nicola comes by her explosive personality and regal tendencies honestly.  Her father is both an expert on terrorism and espionage AND he’s the Earl of Orkney.  Yep, she’s a real Lady … although, as the mother of three teens, she rarely acts that way.  Recently divorced (if the paperwork went through), she and her current partner have brought their kids together to create a modern day “Brady Bunch”.